Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB Manufacture's Image
Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB
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CPU Cooler Details:
Metric Value
Brand Arctic
Cooler Name Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB
Fan 1 Name P12 PWM A-RGB
Fan 2 Name P12 PWM A-RGB
Fan 3 Name P12 PWM A-RGB
Stated dBa 22.5
Full Size (WxHxD): None mm
Radiator (WxHxD) 120x397x38 mm
AIO Cooler Rating: Install 8 (Easy)
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Fan Details for CPU Cooler:
Metric Fan 1 Fan 2 Fan 3
Fan Location Bottom Mid Top
Fan Flow Type Push Push Push
CPU Only Fan No No No
Max RPM 1800 1800 1800
Fan Size (mm) 120 120 120
Fan Width (mm) 25 25 25
Manufacture Rated dBa 22.5 22.5 22.5
Manufactured Rated Airflow (cmf) 48.0 48.0 48.0
Manufactured Rated Air Pressure (h2o) 1.9 1.9 1.9
Number Of Pins 4 4 4
PWM Fan Yes Yes Yes
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Fluid Dynamic Fluid Dynamic
Watts (W) 1.32 1.32 1.32
Current (A) 0.11 0.11 0.11
Max Volts 12.00 12.00 12.00

Design and Aesthetics:

This cooler boasts a sleek appearance, enhanced by its ARGB fans. The convenience of pre-daisy-chained ARGB and RPM cords eliminates cable management concerns right from the start. Its black radiator, fan frames, and water pipes complement a darker cooler setup perfectly. However, while the water pump features a unique design, it may appear more understated compared to other AIO coolers that showcase more elaborate pump designs.

Install Notes:

This cooler is relatively easy to install with the fans pre-installed on the radiator with the RPM and RGB connectors daisy chained neatly with a single connector coming out of the pump for both the RGB and the Fan inputs. However, this cooler requires it to be offset to the base mount, which can take some time to get right. Additionally, the heat pipes don't pivot from the pump which may make placement in certain setups difficult.

Cooling Performance:

With its expansive radiator and impressive fan quality, this cooler delivers exceptional performance across various fan speeds, making it capable of handling substantial overclocking tasks. If your aim is to surpass the cooling capacity of air coolers, this option is worth considering. Keep in mind that not all CPUs demand the level of cooling this cooler provides. However, it stands out as an excellent selection for high-TDP CPUs, if you're planning on doing some serious overclocking, or if you prioritize outstanding cooling coupled with quiet operation (thanks to its effective cooling even at lower RPMs).

Noise Performance:

Equipped with three fans, this cooler can generate some noise. Nevertheless, due to the smaller size of the fans, it's notably quieter than certain air coolers, all while providing superior cooling efficiency at a similar noise level. If your priority is exceptional cooling combined with a quiet setup, this cooler might be a suitable option. However, it's worth noting that its noise level is on par with other 360mm AIOs.


This cooler offers easy installation with pre-installed fans and neatly daisy-chained connectors. Its sleek design and ARGB fans simplify cable management. It excels at overclocking, especially for high-TDP CPUs, offering effective cooling at lower noise levels. While the cooler generates some noise due to its three fans, they're smaller and quieter than certain air coolers. This cooler is a solid choice for effective and quieter cooling, even though its noise level is similar to other 360mm AIOs.

AMD 5800X CPU Box Image

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

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CPU Details:
Metric Value
Brand AMD
Cooler Name Ryzen 7 5800X
CPU Socket AM4
Cores 8
Thread Count 16
Max Temperature 90°C
Base Clock 3.8GHz
Max Boost Clock 4.7GHz
Cache L1
Cache L2 4MB
Cache L3 32MB
Processor Power Base 105W
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