Review: Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 Evo

Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 EVO Manufacture's Image
Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 Evo
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CPU Cooler Details:
Metric Value
Brand Thermalright
Cooler Name Phantom Spirit 120 Evo
Fan 1 Name TL-K12
Fan 2 Name TL-K12
Stated dBa 27.0
Number of Heat Pipes 7
Full Size (WxHxD): 120x157x135 mm
Radiator 1 (WxHxD) 125x116x40 mm
Radiator 2 (WxHxD) 125x116x40 mm
Air Cooler Rating: Install 8 (Easy)
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Fan Details for CPU Cooler:
Metric Fan 1 Fan 2
Fan Name TL-K12 TL-K12
Fan Location Front Mid
Fan Flow Type Push Mid
CPU Only Fan No No
Max RPM 2150 2150
Fan Size (mm) 120 120
Fan Width (mm) 25 25
Manufacture Rated dBa 27.0 27.0
Manufactured Rated Airflow (cmf) 69.0 69.0
Manufactured Rated Air Pressure (h2o) 2.9 2.9
Number Of Pins 4 4
PWM Fan Yes Yes
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Fluid Dynamic
Watts (W) 1.92 1.92
Current (A) 0.16 0.16
Max Volts 12.00 12.00

Design and Aesthetics:

The Phantom Spirit 120 EVO has similar looks to the regular Phantom Spirit 120 with two 120 millimeter fans, subtle Thermalright logo, and a flat textured design on the heatsink top. One key difference between this cooler and other Phantom Spirit designs is subtle the ARGB accented fans. However, there are other versions of the Phantom Spirit with a more pronounce ARGB presence.

Install Notes:

This cooler has a similar installation components as many of the mainstream Thermalright designs, which is one of the easier installation setups. One difference is the mount is painted black and the screws have a larger head. However, it also faces an issue regarding uninstalling this cooler, where the cooler is unable to slide/twist off the cooler to break the thermal paste seal. This might be necessary if the thermal paste has a strong hold between the cooler and the CPU.

Cooling Performance:

The Phantom Spirit 120 EVO upholds the high-performance legacy of Thermalright's Phantom Spirit series, emerging as a strong option for those in search of a premium cooler. Featuring a seven heat pipe dual tower configuration and equipped with two 120mm fans, this compact cooler is adept at managing cooling requirements that were previously the domain of All-In-One cooling systems.

Noise Performance:

The Phantom Spirit 120 EVO variant distinguishes itself with a unique set of fans that provide increased airflow and air pressure. However, this enhancement comes with a trade-off: a higher noise level compared to other models in the Phantom Spirit range. As a result, while this cooler boasts a modern and stylish design, it might not be the ideal choice for those prioritizing a quiet computer setup.


The Phantom Spirit 120 EVO, maintaining the easy installation of Thermalright's designs, features a unique black mount and larger screws. It resembles the standard Phantom Spirit 120 in design, with subtle ARGB accented fans, but stands out with a seven heat pipe dual tower design for efficient cooling. However, its unique fans offer increased airflow and pressure at the cost of higher noise, posing a challenge for those seeking a quieter computer setup.

AMD 5800X CPU Box Image

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

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CPU Details:
Metric Value
Brand AMD
Cooler Name Ryzen 7 5800X
CPU Socket AM4
Cores 8
Thread Count 16
Max Temperature 90°C
Base Clock 3.8GHz
Max Boost Clock 4.7GHz
Cache L1
Cache L2 4MB
Cache L3 32MB
Processor Power Base 105W
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